Wednesday, May 20, 2009



Periwinkle, how stars twinkle
danced on a moonbeam with
Sprinkles of Periwinkle,
I've come for the pot of gold.

Looking for diamonds
by any footpath, trail or lane
Sprinkles of Periwinkle,
the fairies will sing.

Wearing an outfit fashioned
of leaves and flowers
Sprinkles of Periwinkle,
and fairy droplets.

How do the Fairies
know I'm there,
Sprinkles of Periwinkle,
can make a nose wrinkle.

When the crisp leaves
under foot crinkle,
Sprinkles of Periwinkle,
will make them mingle.

Where there are
Sprinkles of Periwinkle,
There fairies are,
leaving their twinkle.

Fairies dipping their
shimmering toes in an
inkwell will make,
Sprinkles of Periwinkle,
on their ankle.

by Susan Acre


I have never wrote a poem before. I was playing a new game on Facebook called My Fairyland, you have to crate your own fairy and garden. I liked the name Periwinkle and that was where the inspiration for the poem came from. As I was doing this these jingles kept running through my head. Before you know it I was writing them down and putting them together in a draft.

I want to thank Susan H. for critiquing it for me before publishing here. Hope you like it. Sue

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